GBU #1

The Good, Bad, and Ugly! Not one to shy away from challenges, Jenny shares the positive and not so positive comments on her music.

  Dec 1, 2016   iamadmin

So this is my first of the Good, Bad, and Ugly, so I thought we would kick it off right by looking at the comments of my latest song ...

Have a Nice Day

Apparently I have some country cross-over appeal?

"fast tempo. upbeat mood and lyrics. catchy synthesised sounds. the bass is very unique, it sounds too treblely and not very bassy to me. the drumming is very tight and catchy. the words are interesting and very easy to understand, plus everyone can relate to them."
"I really like how this song sounds. you have a great voice girl. I think you should do more singing because you rock at it. You really could be a perfect singer. you could go pro with how you sing. I like your music style you have."
"Great composing the beat. Love the fast pacing reaction from the instrumental. Vocal part is very sensitive artist should watch for the high notes. Critical parts must be avoid in retouching so it will preserve the greatness of the music. Production is superb, don't alter more."
"Introduction automatically shows a bit of uniqueness by inserting a whistling alongside the melody. When the vocals join in it almost seems confusing by if it's attempting to be a pop song or more of a girl band persona. Nothing new in the female vocals sound to tell it apart from any other average female vocalist."
"It's a country song forsure, very upbeat. something about driving down a high way having it her way, something with a boy involved surely lol. the song was okay, the vocals were nice and the instrumentals were okay as well, not my cup of tea but not a bad song."
"I really like the whistling in the introduction. The whistling makes the song original and sound really fun and matches the song. The vocalist has a very rich and crisp voice. It is upbeat, and the lyrics are really catchy. I absolutely love the second verse the most!”
"This song is sounds energetic and playful. It sounds like the writer really has something to say. All the elements really blend and go together. The chorus is consistant and sounds great. The sknger has a great voice and really makes the skng what it is and needs to be."
"The whistling in the beginning was great. The singer had a great voice. She sang very catchy lyrics that were really cool. The instrumentals were awesome and great sounding. The beat was cool as well. The whole song was catchy and cool sounding overall, it was good."
"I didn't like this song very much. I loved the beat and music in the backround. The vocals are amazing. But the lyrics just didn't make any sense at all. I didn't feel like this topic was important enough to become a song. The lyrics were just all over the place."
"Fluffy tunes! High quality sound in production. There's really great vocals in this song too! This song has actually good hooks as well. Repetition of lyrics makes me wanna sing along to the tune. I like the background vocals and harmonies that are added into the song. Good music arrangement. This song gives a very fun and roadtrip-y kind of vibe, which makes it easy to listen to and enjoy. This would totally go into my roadtrip playlist! Love it!”
"Love the up beat tempo it made me want to get up and dance! The lyrics were great except the " rat race part " its not very understanding some people might not get what you mean by that. Other than that love the song keep up the good work!”
"The instrumental is upbeat. The singers voice is the type you can rock out to and enjoy. The song has a good vibe to it and can be listened to regularly in my opinion. it isn't my type of music but i dont mind it in my honest opinion”
"I really like the intro in the song is unique and i really think the artist did a great job with the lyrics and i think she perform it beautiful and i think the background brat is really good. overall these song was great and i will show to friends."
"Sounds like something that would be played on my local radio station. Vocals are pleasant, not harsh. Beat and instrumentals are nice, definitely bass heavy. Becomes slightly repetitive musically and vocally in the last minute of the song. The instrumental/electronic feel is a bit different and throws a bit of a twist on things."
"Calming entrance. Nice hip hop vibe about it. The vocals of the singer start off really nicely and they were explaining the rythem of the song. The song was better when the climaxes were there. The song reminds me of a classic pop party. It would be great in a pop party , background music or a small party or family gathering. 7/10”
"I quite like it! I like the melody, it's dynamic. There is one thing that annoys me though, it's a little noise with the voice, too electronic, it covers the voice a little. I don't really care for the lyrics, it looks a little too much like the tv ads that passes sometimes when they tell us not to drink and drive, it has that kind of sound (singer) and style (lyrics). Otherwise it's nice!”
"The vocals sound good, but the echo should be a little quieter in the verse. The chorus sounds great, especially with the yell and cheer in the background. The tempo of the music is a steady rhythm, making it good for dance or party music. The lyrics of the song are meaningful and attractive for younger audiences. The instrumentation if great :) Good work!”
"The beat is pretty nice and fits well with the song really well. Also the vocals in the song is clear and nice it is also gives off a feeling of happiness. But the whistling part of the song sounds a bit weird. The production quality is high and the song sounds like it there was a lot of effort and thought put into it. Overall i rate this song a 9 out of 10."
"I like the mix of tuneful whistling and guitar in the intro. In the bridge there is use of the broken chords by the guitar, creating a homophonic texture in the bridge section. This is very effective. I like the overall feel of the song. It's like a country and pop song mixed together. I think this would be successful in the charts."
"I think this song is over-produced. The vocals and lyrics are too cheesy, they convey no emotional meaning. The instrumentation seems too fake and unrealistic. It may be just a personal thought, but I feel that this song just doesn't have any emotion, but it is country western."
"the whistling in the beginning and the vocals of the singer are great.the song is very inspiring and anybody can get inspired by this song. The instrumental of this song is great and the beats are awesome. I would really download this song. KEEP IT UP...."
"i like the vibe that this song gves me . Her voice is so calming and warm, lovely to hear,bringing e a smile on my face. I feel like this song suits for the summer fun and activities to do with the friends becoming energy from the song. I imagine being at the beach , laying in the sun and hearing this song loud in my headphones. it was a raw exploration of happiness. The rhythm is fast and i like that a lot, having lyrics that dont repeat all over again like the song from our days. The beat and tempo in acompaniament with the guitar is caming me down."